Molly Ann Jones


....Not only has the all-terrain chair greatly impacted my family but Surfgimp Foundation and Jay’s story has impacted me personally as a mom. Prior to joining the Surfgimp family I wrote this... “Being a parent to a child with special needs is never easy. The physical and emotional drain is real. The hardest part for me is the unknown future. Will my daughter grow up confident, happy, and have the same spark she has now? Or will she struggle with self esteem and depression that can sometimes coincide with being different. I pray my daughter will see the world as a place of endless possibilities instead of a constant limitation due to her physical abilities. I pray I can be the best mother and advocate I can be for her. I pray she will always feel loved and supported.” Now, knowing Jay’s story and his impact on the world, I am filled with so much hope for Molly Ann’s future. I KNOW she will conquer the world and kick ass doing it! Thank you Surfgimp Foundation for helping us give Molly Ann a childhood. Thank you for giving us hope.